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Carboncatchers Pty Ltd is a family company specifically established to grow biodiversity plantings across Australia.  We  enable everyday Australians (and overseas guests) to fund the planting of trees within our plantations to help offset CO² emissions and to re-establish habitat within the Murray Darling Basin. 

Our family has been farming near Wagga Wagga in NSW for over 40 years and we understand first hand the need to act now to revegetate our landscapes.

Our customers obtain a unique GPS location for the tree they have funded that enbles them to follow the growth of the plantation.

The company’s objective is to plant 1 million trees over a 10 year period.

Our company based approach is simple and efficient as we own the land and professionally  contract the planting and maintenance of the plantations.  This results in accelerated plantings, increased plantations and a consequent increase in the amount of CO² captured.

Each year trees lost to fire or pests are replanted in the next  winter / spring  planting period. 

The plantations are established with drought and fire in mind,  and their design and management is undertaken in accordance with the local NSW Catchment Management Authority’s advice and guidance.

We plant once each year in August / September which is the optimum time for planting.  We may undertake the planting of the tree for our customers either in the preceding or succeeding September from the date of their order depending upon demand for the trees.