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Some other interesting facts and figures...

1. The average Australian home produces about 14 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year ?   

2. Every  tonne of paper  that ends up in landfill requires one cubic metre of space and produces 2.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases.

3. It takes about 500 kgs of coal to power a computer and monitor left on all the time for one year. This produces more than 1000 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions. This single computer creates the same amount of  green house gas emissions as an average car being driven for 3½ thousand kms.

4. An average Australian car produces 4.5 tonnes of C0² per year.

5. The 11 million cars and trucks in Australia use 26 billion litres of fuel a year and emit about  71 million tonnes of CO² into the atmosphere.

6. Air travel produces the largest amount of greenhouse gas emissions per passenger per kilometre closely followed by single occupant car use.  Air travel creates 0.27 kg of CO² per passenger per kilometre compared with 0.20 kg for  a single-occupant motor vehicle. In contrast public transport such as a bus produces 0.07 kg of CO² per kilometre per passenger.

7. About ½ of Australia's forests and ¾ of its rainforests have been cleared since European settlement.

8. Every $100 spent on clothing generates 70 kgs of greenhouse gas pollution and on average every dollar spent on consumption (ie. shopping) is responsible for 720gms of greenhouse gas emissions and the use of 28 litres of water.