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Establishing our plantations

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How are our plantings established ?

Our plantings are established in a way that reduces our carbon footprint as far as practical. 

The first stage of the plantings uses the most energy when the planting lines are ripped with a tractor or dozer.  These lines need to be ripped to improve the survival of the seedlings by enabling improved root growth.

The seedlings are then sourced from a local nursery where indigenous species and provenances have been grown.  This approach limits the distance the seedlings need to be transported and ensures better survival of the trees in their local area.

The seedlings are planted  by hand to reduce our energy use and to help generate jobs in the regional and rural areas where the plantings are established.

The unique GPS location for each tree is then established using a 4 wheel motorbike and GPS locator  which provides  accuracy of the  location to within 10 cm.

The ongoing plantation maintenance involves managing fire breaks to limit the risk of fire in dry periods and management of rabbits and other vermin that affect the growth of the trees.

The plantations are assessed each year  for losses, which are replaced with new seedlings.