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1.  Who are Carboncatchers ?

Carboncatchers Pty Ltd is a company specifically established to grow biodiversity plantings across Australia.  We  provide a service to consumers to plant and maintain trees within our plantations.  Our customers obtain a unique GPS location for the tree that enbles them to follow the growth of the plantation over its life.  The company’s ambitious objective is to plant 10 million trees over a 10 year period. 

2.  What is the cost per tree ?

The retail price per tree for 2012/13 is $11.00 inclusive of GST.

3.  What do I get for the money ?

You will receive a unique satellite GPS location for your tree which will be yours to keep. Carboncatchers will also maintain our website (  which will enable you to follow the growth of the plantation in which the tree is located on-line.The tree is planted on your behalf by Carboncatchers and

 remains in the ground permanently.  We undertake to replace the tree if it is lost through fire or pests in the first 10 years after planting when it is most vulnerable to these threats.   

4 . When, Where  and Which trees are planted ?

Our plantations are established within the Murray Darling Basin in Australia.  The trees are specially selected for the site in accordance with the local Catchment Management Authority guidance.  This ensures that trees suited to the area are planted.   Our trees are planted in early winter to optimise the early growth rates.  Carboncatchers aim to have seedlings in the ground to meet anticipated demand in the next year.

The reason we plant in the Murray Darling Basin is that the plantings will not only help to reduce CO² emissions but they will also create habitat to improve biodiversity.  In some circumstances they will also improve salinity which in turn improves river water quality within the catchment.

 Your funding support will not only help to address the global issue of climate change, but it will also help with these two local issues.

5.  How long will the plantations be there for ?

Our plantings are not established for logging and  will remain in the landscape permanently.  Unlike most forestry operations, our  biodiversity plantings will not be removed after 15 years for timber. 

 6.  Who looks after the trees ?

Our company based approach is simple and efficient as we own the land and professionally  contract the planting and maintenance of the plantations.  This results in accelerated plantings, increased plantations and a consequent increase in the amount of CO² captured.

The company engages professional contractors to oversee the planting and maintenance of the trees.  Each year trees lost to drought or other pests are replanted in the winter planting period.  

The plantations are established with drought and fire in mind,  and their design and management is undertaken in accordance with the local NSW Catchment Management Authority’s advice and guidance.

7.  Who owns the trees ?

 The tree remains the property of Carboncatchers Pty Ltd.

 8.  What happens to any Carbon Credits ?

Any carbon credits, biodiversity credits or salinity credits that may arise due to the planting of the tree remain the property of Carboncatchers Pty Ltd unless otherwise contractually negotiated.