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Lothlorien Planting Stage 2

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Lothlorien Planting Stage 2 was established in the first quarter of 2007. The site preparation was undertaken in June and July '07 and seedlings sourced from local nurseries in the south west slopes of NSW were planted in September 2007.

This planting  contains 13,000 trees including the following species:

Casuarina cunninghamiana (river sheoak), Corymbia citriodora (spotted gum), Corymbia maculata (spotted gum), Eucalyptus camaldulensis (river redgum), Eucalyptus polyanthemos (red box), Eucalyptus sideroxylon (mugga ironbark), Eucalyptus scoparia, Eucalyptus blakelyi, Eucalyptus melliodora (yellow box), Eucalyptus albens (white box), Acacia decora (western silver wattle), Acacia pycnantha (golden wattle), Bursaria spinulosa (sweet bursaria) and Eucalyptus macrorhyncha (red stringy bark).

The planting is located on a steep hilly  site that has been virtually completely cleared of vegetation.  This site acts as a recharge area for groundwater so the planting will assist with managing rising water tables (and salinity) in the surrounding lower ground - as the trees will take up the groundwater reducing the amount that travels down the slope to the lower areas.

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