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Plantings to create habitat and capture greenhouse gases

Carboncatcher's plantings are established in accordance with the guidelines of the NSW Government Catchment Management Authorities.


Our  trees are left in the ground permanently and  Carboncatchers will ensure that they are replanted if they are lost to fire or pests over the first 5 years from initial planting, when they are most vulnerable.

The plantings are established to promote biodiversity,  and include a range of different trees and shrubs that are native to the particular area of each planting. Our objective is to create habitat that supports the re-establishment of other native plants and wildlife. 

Carboncatcher's plantings are not established to be cut for timber.   

The plantings are designed to not only capture CO² and establish habitat, but where practical, to also reduce soil salinity which in turn improves river water quality. 


Supporting Carboncatchers is one way you can immediately start to help reduce existing CO² levels  in the atmosphere and offset the future CO²  you produce in everyday life.

In 2006/07 Carboncatchers established initial plantations near Wagga Wagga in NSW .


The first two plantations   "Lothlorien  Stage 1"  with 3636 trees and "Karrindee 1" with 5117 trees were planted in August 2006. 

In  September 2007 Carboncatchers planted the next 13,000 trees in our "Lothlorien Stage 2"  plantation.

In September 2008 Carboncatchers planted a further 3,000 trees in our "Karrindee Stage 2" plantation resulting in a total of over 24,000 trees now planted by Carboncatchers.

Carboncatchers also urge you to seriously consider reducing your energy use at home to limit your future CO2 emissions.