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Why not do a fundraiser with Carboncatchers through your school ?


At Carboncatchers we have developed a unique way to raise funds for your school AND help the environment by planting trees in the Murray Darling Basin. The fundraiser is all done on-line so there is very little work to do by the school - we do the work for you.

We plant a tree everytime someone purchases a tree for $10 (plus GST) for the fundraiser through our website. The person purchasing the tree receives a unique GPS code for their tree that enables them to find the tree on our website through Google Maps and to follow the growth of the trees over their lifetime.

The school receives $4 for every tree planted as part of the school's fundraiser.



  • Your school obtains a unique fundraiser code from Carboncatchers.
  • The school promotes the fundraiser with the school's parents and friends (we provide as many flyers as you need).
  • The flyer provides instructions to the parents and friends to purchase trees through our website - using the school's unique code.
  • The parents and friends purchase trees for $10 plus GST each by credit card through our website and receive an e-mail with their unique tree code that enables them to find exactly where their tree is planted through our website.
  • The tree code is used to follow the growth of the trees on our website over their lifetime.
  • Carboncatchers pays the school $4 for each tree purchased using the school's unique code.
  • The fundraiser is extremely easy to administer -  the school simply has to promote the fundraiser through the school's parents and friends.
  • The school receives $4 for every tree purchased through the fundraiser.
  • Most importantly the school is contributing to the planting of trees in the Murray Darling Basin.  The trees will be left in the ground forever as our key objective with these plantings is to create habitat to help restore the biodiversity which has been and is being lost across the basin.

For more information on how to progress a fundraiser please contact Carboncatchers on 0419600438 or